Realise the value in your great idea!

At Ontogo, we focus on building successful businesses around Australian innovation.

Ontogo provides expertise in commercialising and scaling Australian Health Technology innovation locally and internationally.

Ontogo’s strength lies in our capability and our process. Our people contribute unmatched expertise along with the rigorous application of our models, tools, systems and hands-on business know-how.

Our goal is to build successful businesses around Australian innovation.

For Innovators

Our role with our innovators is not transactional. We support them through the process of commercialisation, helping to navigate the path for as much or as little as they need.

For Investors

We do the hard work for investors. We present our investors with a qualified opportunity that can be reliably assessed against their risk profile and reasons for investing in Australian innovation.

A champion team versus a team of champions.

The old ‘champion team’ adage is as true for business as it is for the sports arena. We build champion teams on a foundation of trust, earned through openness, integrity and honesty. At Ontogo we work collaboratively with our clients in a candid co-creative environment. Our common goal is to see our clients achieve success in the market.

Our Expertise

The challenges of commercialisation are significant. The Ontogo team’s collective real-world experience means we have a real understanding of the industries and markets we work with.


We aim to ‘make the case’ for ongoing support, investment or both, through realising the value that rests in our clients’ innovations to become viable business propositions. We focus on defining current project status, deriving achievable growth and development strategies together with driving and enabling execution.

What's in a name?

Our brand name ‘Ontogo’ is derived from the biological term ‘ontogeny’ defined as ‘the origin and development of an organism, usually from conception to maturity’.

We more broadly think of Ontogo as helping to develop worthwhile ideas from a nascent form to a viable enterprise.