Building Successful Businesses Around Australian Inventions.

Proudly Australian

We are a proudly Australian advisory service with the unique expertise to build an Australian and international business around an Australian invention.

Professional Services

As a professional services business development company our purpose is to identify and apply specific experience and expertise to new Australia-based global industry sectors based on the power of Australian research and invention.

What’s in a name?

Our name “Ontogo” is derived from the biological term Ontogeny.
Ontogeny is the origination and development of an organism, usually from conception to maturity.

We are in the business of...

At Ontogo we apply our unique expertise to collaboratively support clients step-by-step to market.

Ontogo offers a “business model engineering” design and execution service to researchers and inventors to facilitate successful market entry and market development. The end goal is domestic and international market penetration.

The Ontogo go-to-market advisory service engages experts with extensive global medtech and business experience.

The problem with Australian inventions

Australian inventors across many industry sectors are generally technically, clinically and/or scientifically very strong but can be commercially weak.

To commercialise their inventions without help they must possess skills and experience in the research, proof of concept, product development and business model disciplines of the commercialisation process, in addition to their core engineering, technology, science and/or clinical capability.

To successfully commercialise an invention, each of these steps must be traversed and the inventor must seek the appropriate expertise at the time in the process that the expertise is needed.

The Ontogo legacy will be to play a leadership role in the development of sustainable and buoyant new Australia-based global industry sectors.

How we do it

At Ontogo we believe in collaboration. A key feature of our approach is that the inventor/originator always remains in control of the process with support from Ontogo.

Working collaboratively with the inventor, we focus on building a business around an invention, taking the business and its product/service to market to achieve domestic and international market penetration.

The Ontogo Approach

We support our clients step-by-step to market by applying our:

  1. Expertise - Ontogo facilitates access to specific and unique expertise"> (“fractional Expertise” when you need it)
  2. Experience - Ontogo personnel have launched new medical devices into 78 countries
  3. Methodology - We apply a powerful combination of savvy and rigour
  4. Collaborative approach - you remain in control

The three phase solution

We offer our clients access to specialist expertise to deliver a three-phase solution.


Teach the “What & Why” of the essential business model disciplines.


Working together to create the plan to address the “what, how & when” of the business model.


The opportunity of applying “fractional expertise” to support the execution of the business model.

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