The Ontogo Approach

Working collaboratively with our clients and their advisors Ontogo provides a complete foundation for the commercialisation of a product. One that builds a business model around it and supports the client through each stage of the process.

Your Journey

The road to commercialisation can be complex and requires specialist input at various stages. To provide the right information at the right time, we have built a network of strategic partners around us who can offer their specialist expertise when needed.

Sitting in the ‘navigators seat’ Ontogo works closely alongside our clients to create an environment that challenges current thinking and validates ideas against the market. We consider how it answers the needs of the intended end user to determine its potential commercial viability.

We look at all aspects of the commercialisation of a product, including:

Ontogo Introductory Briefing and Opinion Service

The BLUNT Process and Report is the fulcrum to the Ontogo approach.

It describes the process we use to complete a review of our clients’ current situation to present a reasoned opinion and an accurate briefing of potential go-forward options.

The BLUNT Report

The BLUNT Report is our first step with potential clients. It is a no-frills, unambiguous and direct viewpoint of your idea, product or company based on what you have told us. At no charge we review our client’s situation to present a straightforward assessment of your viability and potential go-forward options.

Following the delivery of the BLUNT Report, clients are under no obligation to proceed with Ontogo. However, on request, Ontogo will prepare a proposal outlining the steps and investment required to achieve client goals.

A proposal from Ontogo will usually include:

1. The Commercial GPS Process

Using several critical ‘fixed point’ principles and measures, we determine the project’s current position and complete a market validation of the opportunity.

2. The Commercialisation Journeys

Clients commonly engage Ontogo because they have hit a roadblock – usually finding themselves up the classic ‘blind alley’. Our role is to work out where they are, and together find the best path to where they should be.

Typically, this consists of two journeys:

Journey A

Guiding you out of the blind alley and onto the right path.

Once the current position is well understood and defined, we develop a go-forward strategy. Amongst other things this might include a fully costed business plan, a sales and marketing plan and potentially a defined capital plan.

Journey B

Guiding you along the implementation path to success.

Ontogo will assist clients in securing necessary funds, and then provide ‘hands-on’ leadership in the execution of the go-to-market plan envisaged in Journey A. This disciplined approach culminates in the achievement of business growth and development goals.

Ontogo’s focus is helping to turn good ideas into successful businesses.