Yes, Ontogo is an independent company owned and managed by the Ontogo partners. We value and fiercely protect our independence which is at the heart of our ability to deliver unbiased and uncompromised opinion and advice.

Ontogo was founded and based in Brisbane. However, geography is no constraint as we work with clients around Australia and internationally.

Yes, we work with clients nationally and internationally. Our network stretches across many areas, and we have the benefit of a unique perspective on Asia and Chinese markets with one of our founding partners based in Shanghai.

Ontogo’s real-world experience delivers real-world expertise which results in our clients benefitting from our practical, commercially savvy experience, observations and advice.

Ontogo is often engaged to resurrect distressed projects that started with university and private accelerators. These projects had stalled despite the well-intentioned efforts of teams of academics and others. However, with Ontogo’s deep industry experience and expertise, we have been able to steer these projects in a positive direction.

Yes, Ontogo works with many clients who value our expertise and objective input to help steer their innovation to success. We provide an external objective viewpoint – sometimes, when warranted, even counselling our clients to drop the idea altogether.

Yes, while Ontogo began life focused on the Health Technology sector, we have also attracted clients with worthwhile ideas from many industry sectors. The common factor we look for is an idea or innovation that is solving a problem for the greater good.

Yes, the BLUNT report is an essential foundation stone of our ongoing relationship. If we cannot be open, honest, transparent (and yes, blunt) with each other, the working relationship can well be compromised. We believe it is an essential part of sharing our understanding and a tangible up-front expression of our objectivity. We sometimes have to tell our innovators ‘their baby is ugly’ — something you can only do in an open, candid working relationship which the BLUNT Report initiates.

Maybe we can help you, maybe not. At the outset, we will work with you to establish if we believe your idea is significant and commercially viable.

There are times when our advice is that we do not believe this product is commercially viable, and the best advice we can give is to close the project down. That in itself can be helpful.

If we agree that your idea is both worthwhile and potentially viable, and you are happy to work with Ontogo, we will be with you for the long haul.

We will harness our real-world experience and expertise across all the areas of innovation adoption, new product development and go-to-market. We are working with you from strategy through execution to successful product launch.

Ontogo provides evaluation and input into product design and the development strategies and processes that focus on end-user needs and manufacturing requirements. We are not an engineering consultancy. Our clients and the engineering consultancies we have worked with value Ontogo as experienced project managers who have proved very effective working with engineers on behalf of founders and their companies. They know the terrain and can walk the talk!

Sometimes, but as a company, Ontogo is not an investor. We have accepted equity in projects as evidence for investors of our commitment to our long term engagement with a client, and to participate in the long term success of our clients.

Your first meeting with Ontogo is obligation free and at no cost to you. That first meeting is for you to present your innovation or product and provide Ontogo with a background briefing.

Following your initial meeting, we will, in most cases, provide you with our complimentary written assessment – The Ontogo BLUNT Report.

Our very BLUNT report (hence the name) gives you a no-frills, unambiguous and direct viewpoint based on what you have told us.

If we agree that your innovation or product has potential, and you have decided that we are the right people to support you on your journey, we will proceed to a formal proposal which outlines the objectives, outcomes, process, activities, timings and costs.

Ontogo’s focus is helping to turn good ideas into a successful business