For Investors

Ontogo works with innovators at various stages of developing their idea, product or company.

Some are at a point where they need external investment to progress. When Ontogo brings an idea, product or company to an investor, it is a qualified opportunity. Ontogo has already done the hard work putting all our clients’ projects through a rigorous process of market testing, product viability and cost analysis to assess its value and commercial viability.

Ontogo’s rigour in assessing an innovation against this market need, purpose and end-user evaluation allows us to build real value into the business model supporting the journey to commercialisation.

To achieve our clients’ objectives, we also work on execution – not just advising on direction and strategy. Ontogo often becomes part of the execution team. We are there for the long haul.

Ultimately, we present investors with a qualified opportunity they can reliably assess against their risk profile and reasons for investing in Australian innovation.

Explore The Ontogo Approach to assessing and realising the value in great ideas.

Ontogo’s focus is helping to turn good ideas into successful businesses.