Who is Ontogo?

Ontogo is an independent supporter of Australian innovation.

Our strength lies in our people who deliver our capabilities and drive our process. Drawn from across the commercial spectrum, each offers unmatched experience, expertise and capability. We work with clients to apply our models, tools, systems and individual know-how developed during our hands-on business experience.

We think of ourselves as a co-pilot. What sets us apart is that we work alongside our clients: from our initial assessment and advice to being there across the whole journey to achieve their goals and milestones.

Meet Our Team

Success Driver

Leading and driving evaluation, strategy, market launch and expansion.

Customer Connector

Pinpointing your offer and exciting your customers.

Seasoned International Business Leader

Connecting ideas and product with customers around the world.

Product Evangelist

From design to strategy.

Manufacturing Champion

If you can think of it, she can help you manufacture it. 

Business Shepherd

Experienced startup CEO, expert in governance, strategy and operations

Financial Guru

Real world CFO providing commercial business leadership

Investment & Business Sage

Business builder and funding solution guide.

Change Agent

Skilled leadership in change and growth.

Ontogo’s focus is helping to turn good ideas into successful businesses.