Tony Pensabene

Seasoned International Business Leader

Connecting ideas and product with customers around the world.

Tony is an experienced blue-chip corporate business leader with 40 years’ involvement in the Asia Pacific medical device and healthcare industry.

Tony’s senior executive roles for many years with Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer corporations embraced extensive China, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and the ASEAN countries. He held key responsibilities for country and cross-country P&L, multi-country market assessment, development and product launches, international acquisitions, and integration and strategic partnerships.

In 2009, Tony retired from the corporate world and established his management consultancy firm Ultra Business Solutions. He was subsequently engaged by a number of companies conducting business in China to deliver one-on-one mentoring and coaching to senior executives from Japan, China, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.

Tony also lectured on leadership development for a Mt Eliza Executive Education program at Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne.